Romance and Cake


I like weddings. So does my mom. And my little sisters. And my brothers (surprisingly). To be perfectly honest though, I think we all like weddings for different reasons.

I just love the lovely atmosphere of weddings. Soft music in the background, the muted glow of candlelight, and the restrained feeling of nervous anticipation rustling about the room. Finally, a resounding chord crashes through the almost silence as a white-gowned figure appears and floats towards the one she will soon call “husband.” It’s a time of celebration, a holy joining of two lives into one, and a lasting covenant, “until death do us part.”

My mom likes weddings because she is getting ideas for mine. (In the far, distant, and unforeseeable future)  😉 She searches through the program, “Ooo, Allison, look at this! This would be perfect. Oh, but I’m not sure about the decorations…the pillars are pretty though.” When she has compiled her little, mental checklist, then and only then, will she relax and watch the proceedings. (I love this little ritual because I will be a HORRIFIC wedding planner…I don’t even have the stinkin’ colors picked out. I have (much) younger, female friends who have their entire weddings planned and who look at me pityingly when the subject comes up).

My sisters love the dresses, especially those worn by the flower girls and bridesmaids. Colors are discussed earnestly as eager eyes drink in the different furbelows and flounces. Then come the accusing glances: “So. When are YOU getting married, so we can be in your wedding?”

Slighty taken aback, I answer, “Um. I have no clue…but won’t you guys even miss me??

Yes.” Hannah answers in monotone. “I will miss you very much…” Her face brightens. “In my own room!”

My brothers just come for the cake. No cake, they no come. So, when I heard dim rumors that they were discussing weddings, I was flabbergasted. I looked down the long table we were sharing with friends at a wedding reception and demanded details. Turns out, they WERE discussing weddings…with the participants dressed up as cartoon characters. Mid-sentence, one stopped and remarked, “And this is gooood cake.”

But no matter the reasoning, I think everyone loves a wedding. And with good reason…where else can you find romance? And free style ideas? And beautiful dresses? AND gooood cake?

Yes. I rest my case. =)


About loverofwords20

Allison is an aspiring author, and a lover of words, music, and the Lord Jesus Christ. She is also abysmal at these “about you” things, being unable to think of quirky characteristics at the drop of a hat. However, she enjoys singing randomly and loudly, and laughing hysterically while being caught in the rain.
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