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The Parrot Sketch

How is it that though they never seem amused, Brits possess some of the greatest humor in the world? Advertisements

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In the Beginning…God

In the beginning…God. The One who was. Who is. And Who will be. God, the all-knowing, the all-powerful, the all-sufficient. The all-loving. In fact, this God loved so passionately, so incredibly, that He created man, purely for the joy of … Continue reading

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Thank You in Every Language

 This post is actually more of a thank you than anything else – although a bit of giddy celebration may slip in every so often. Just…forgive me when (not if) this happens. =) I so appreciate the readers who take … Continue reading

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KOHN for Life

Hi. My name is Allison Bunke. And I am an unrepentant eavesdropper.I know, I know. Shake your little pointy heads at me and waggle your fingers accusingly. *Hushed whisper* But it really won’t make a difference. Wait, if it makes … Continue reading

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A Lyrical Masterpice: Or Not

I love music. Apparently, so have many others throughout history – you know, those no-names like…um, say Beethoven. Or Bach. Other little people like that. Some have even been so moved by music that they composed lyrical words in praise of it…I … Continue reading

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Hitler in a Pink Tutu

You’ve heard of Adolf Hitler, of course? Of course. Well, I know someone who makes him look like Mother Teresa. Her name is Emily. And she lives in my house. Little Adolpha Hitlerette (a.k.a. Em) does not look tyrannical at … Continue reading

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