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Walking Mysteries

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” ~ Charles Dickens Advertisements

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My Ants Froze in the Name of Science

Science has never been my favorite thing. As a child, I enjoyed it sure. But that was because of the vivid pictures, the diverse animals…and the little stories told us to keep little minds engaged. You know the ones – “and the … Continue reading

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Wanted: Your Bookish Expertise

I have been notified, by my mother, that I have a birthday coming up. I have further been informed that I have given her nothing to work with in the way of birthday wishes – therefore, she is falling back … Continue reading

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Writing Under the Influence…of Mountain Dew.

This is me at the beginning of my end-of-an-eight-week-course-paper-that-should-sum-up-every-single-miniscule-detail-I’ve-learned-over-the-past-20-years-of-my-life. Life was good. Words were flowing, eloquently and freely. Then I hit page eight. And life as I knew it ceased to exist. Writer’s block set in with all the fury … Continue reading

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Addicts Anonymous

“There are a lot of people like me, people who need books like they need air.” – Richard Marek “A real book is not one that’s read, but one that reads us.” ~ W. H. Auden “I have often imagined … Continue reading

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I thought Lord of the Rings was EVIL

When my male cousins first dragged me and brothers to their room to watch this “amazingly cool movie”, I have to admit it – I was skeptical. Very. I had read one of the books and, while I was impressed, … Continue reading

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How Losers Can Succeed

Have you ever felt as though you could never measure up? I mean, never, ever, in a million years reach your self-made goals, measure up to the expectations of others, or even claim a tiny bit of what the world … Continue reading

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An Accent for the Silly

Question of the day: When they are feeling particularly silly, do you think Brits affect an American accent? And if not…why not?

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Critics, Assemble!!

I have a big favor to ask of you all. Slight pause. You don’t mind at all; in fact, you’re glad I asked? Thank you. You’re so sweet.So, here it is… I have this random teaser that my brain made … Continue reading

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” And I was glad when they said unto me, let us go unto the house of the Lord.” A blessed Sunday to all!

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