‘Twas the Day After Christmas

opened giftThe day after Christmas is my day for being slightly melancholy. I think the thought sets in that it’s over, over for another year, a year that will be full of change, perhaps good, perhaps bad, but change all the same

I detest change. Even good change. Change implies that the old way wasn’t good enough, and I am perfectly happy with the old way – my entire family gathered around the overflowing Christmas tree, nobody missing, not a break in the circle. It’s complete, whole. At least for now.

But I know it won’t always be so; we will grow up, get married, create our own circles, and complete others.

It just won’t be the same. My greatest memories are ones that contain family, frolicking care-free with roly poly children, who seemed to sprout into young men overnight, now speaking in bass voices and talking of girls, dreams, future plans carelessly and confidently.

I know I am jumping the gun, I know that this time of change will spark new, perhaps ever lovelier memories – I know that.

It just never becomes any easier. Perhaps, it’s just me, but as a child, I hated to change anything; I resisted throwing away clothes, because “they were comfy now”. Throwing away a book, tattered and torn though it may be, was pure sacrilege, for it contained not a story, but my memories, my friends. Changing a tradition was taboo because it would have changed the entire feel of a cherished memory, would have made it seem alien, foreign, not like us at all. I would literally relive memories, striving for the same feeling, the same anticipation, the same ambience, trying to force each year to be as good as the last, and would feel a let-down if, somehow, things just were not the same.

I know why that is, of course. I am very much a creature of stifling habits, and I live in a comfort zone with large windows, but a small door, on which is carved the epithat, “Change not welcomed here”. Someday, I shall be very grown-up and hold memories less tightly, protest change less readily, look on cherished traditions with a more jaded eye…

But not this day.

That’s why, for now, though change may be coming, I will cherish this day, these Christmas memories, of children/adults who may change someday – but not this day. This day is a day to remember talking, mouths bursting with food, to cousins, laughing, teasing, of gathering under the tree, an unnatural silence pervading, to read the old story that never loses its poignace. It’s a day to celebrate 21 years of memories with a family that I not only love, but even like, a day to hug close the familiar and cherished, resisting the siren pull of the new and foreign.

It’s a day to remember.

It’s a day to remember the real reason for Christmas, which honestly has nothing to do with my faded, tattered memories, nothing to do with eating, nothing do with fragrant smells and snowy hills.

The day a tiny baby was born of a virgin, the Ruler of the Universe, enthroned in a manger, which was encrusted by golden straw. The day the Unchanging One changed his glorious form for that of a human and all of Heaven trembled at the shock – God in the flesh. Fully man, fully God…Jesus Christ.

He is the reason I will never have to totally embrace change, for He changed all of history – yet remains the unchangeable God.


About loverofwords20

Allison is an aspiring author, and a lover of words, music, and the Lord Jesus Christ. She is also abysmal at these “about you” things, being unable to think of quirky characteristics at the drop of a hat. However, she enjoys singing randomly and loudly, and laughing hysterically while being caught in the rain.
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10 Responses to ‘Twas the Day After Christmas

  1. Faith says:

    “It’s a day to remember the real reason for Christmas, which honestly has nothing to do with my faded, tattered memories, nothing to do with eating, nothing do with fragrant smells and snowy hills.” I echo this with an amen.

    I resist change. We went to the dentist today, and our next appointment is scheduled six months from now, the day after my little sister’s Birthday. With a shock I realized that she will be a whole new age, an age that seems far too old for her! Change! Time moves so fast!

    • It’s true! Change is such a constant, that I suppose I could eventually get used to it…as long as that doesn’t change. 😉 And I hear ya! My siblings are growing up so fast too, and I keep thinking that they must be much younger than they actually. That’s right about the time they astound me with a very acute observation. 🙂

  2. Faith says:

    I wanted to tell you- Worthy Publishing is pretty good- they would love to send you books! they accepted me with only five followers- {http://worthypublishing.com/about/} I just emailed them at info@worthypublishing.com , and told them I would review the book on my blog and on Amazon. I looked on their site and picked a few I was interested in. They sent me a box of five- Psalms and Proverbs included! Do email them! Us book addicts are glad to share any free book opportunities! *Excited that I can share this*

    If you want, you can also get free books from Moody Press Newsroom Blogger Program. I got a really bad novel from them last week and am trying to say so graciously in my review. They have a ton of books to choose from. Check them out here- [http://mpnewsroom.com/content/blogger-review-program].

    If you like Crossway’s books you can apply there also- I can’t yet- they only want bloggers who have been blogging for six months or more.{http://www.crossway.org/group/apply} That would be great if there were some titles you liked. Most publishers, if you see something you like and email them about it, will give you the book free for a review. Amazing! Some publishers want to send out ebooks, we love hard copies. The Proverbs and Psalms were both hardcovers. What is also really neat is that my sister wrote that review of Proverbs. That made her smile, that you enjoyed it!

  3. apeslugger says:

    Sorry for so many comments on the same day. I’m kinda playing “catch up” on the blogosphere. I’m the same way with change. Though as I’ve gotten older its not been so bad. 🙂

    • Please…apologize not. I sincerely appreciate people like you!! 😀 It’s ever so kind of you to comment, and above and beyond to comment in large droves. Thank you! (Btw, do you have a blog as well??)

      • apeslugger says:

        Nope. Just a relative of one of one and faithful reader of 17 blogs and counting. 🙂 Maybe when things get going and I have a life I will. Who knows? 😀

      • Nice. 🙂 I so appreciate your taking the time to read my ramblings…look foward to “maybe someday” returning the favor. 😀

  4. Faith says:

    About our Proverbs book- you can ask for that one if you email Worthy. They just released it December 25- and so they need bloggers for it. Psalms came out last August I think- and they sent it to me anyway. Try it- that way they get another review and you get a copy!

  5. Tori Marse says:

    So true, Allison! I feel the same way. It makes me think of some quotes from the movie adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s THE INHERITANCE: “I so dislike change. I feel whatever it brings cannot possibly make me happier than I already am.” And: “Oh no, you know how I feel about change: it doesn’t bode well when one is already perfectly happy.”
    However, my Dad provided me with a nugget of wisdom years ago when I was lamenting over the change-full-ness of life/growing up. We were on a walk and he pointed to the trees and plants and how they changed and grew every year. Then he said, “You see, Tori, if something doesn’t change, it’s dead. Change is not only a PART of life; it is the EVIDENCE of life.” Parents can be rather profound sometimes. 🙂

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