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To My Teen Brother: I’m Sorry. Your Christmas Gift Involves My Little Pony

For a big family, Christmas presents are an interesting proposition. Should every family member give every other family member a gift? For us, a family of ten, the answer has been a resounding, “I’d be broke if I gave all … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas is my day for being slightly melancholy. I think the thought sets in that it’s over, over for another year, a year that will be full of change, perhaps good, perhaps bad, but change all the … Continue reading

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Mystery of Christmas

A tender touch, a warm embrace The look of love upon her face A tiny Baby, God incarnate On her lap does rest upon it A mystery, complex, rich, warm That God, the unchanging, would change His form. All the … Continue reading

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Imperfect Parents Parenting a Perfect Son

Parenting is tough work, as well as perfectly bewildering. I became a parent this past week. Of six kids. Simultaneously. Like with most new attempts in life, one thinks that parenting should be fairly easy. Then one tries it. The … Continue reading

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Four Things that Make Me Act 3

There are few things in life that make me totally forget my age – Swedish Fish, an unreal amount of Code Red Mountain Dew with said Swedish Fish, staying up until wee hours of the night, and… The first snowfall. … Continue reading

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The Year the Grinch Lost, and Santa Claus Won

Santa Claus has always been a bit of a controversy in our family. Mom grew up mostly believing in Santa, beathlessly listening for the tap of reindeer hooves on the roof, the freshly-made cookies under the tree, a glass of milk … Continue reading

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21st Century Christmas Story

Beautiful, isn’t it? The whole Christmas story, the promised Messiah sent to earth – vulnerable, tiny…and human. Sent as a visible gift, offered freely to anyone who will accept Him, changing lives, promising ultimate peace… But let’s consider His coming … Continue reading

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