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Gigi’s Story

“It’s my daddy’s birthday soon.” She pauses, giggling, and stares into the distance. Nappy hair springs enthusiastically into intricate tendrils around her face, and a chubby hand pushes rounded glasses further onto a snub nose. She looks at me, eager. … Continue reading

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I’m a Baptist, and I Believe that Gays were “Born that Way”

I am a Christian. And I think gay individuals were “born that way”. On second thought, let me qualify that statement. I have been raised a Baptist, indoctrinated that homosexuality is a horrendous sin, and further informed that being gay … Continue reading

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Diet Coke, My Mom, and Adventure: A Poem for Mother’s Day

For providing a safety net While I spread my wings For picking me up When they, untested, failed. For worrying about me When I didn’t worry enough, Yet exuding quiet confidence In my ability to succeed. For giving the gift … Continue reading

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Be My Precious?

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Cutest love story ever, excluding only “UP.” =)

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Sweet Sixteen in Heaven

I have a feeling that it’s so much more than I could ever imagine. Different stages of my life have found me imagining it differently. At four, I pictured it all in gold, majestic, awe-inspiring, slightly intimidating. At ten, I … Continue reading

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Love Through 21 Year Old Eyes

Let that question sink in for a couple moments. What is it? We live in times where we “love” broccoli like we “love” our parents, where we “hate” the guts of people we are actually closest to. (Guilty of the … Continue reading

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An Ode to Rainy Days

I love rainy, misty days. Perhaps it’s the melancholy side of me, but I love the half-sad, reflective mood of drizzly days, which is a bit of a conundrum – days like these make me happy to be sad. I … Continue reading

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21 and Sober

I was officially an adult three years ago. Somehow, that knowledge only reared its head yesterday. Three years ago, I turned eighteen. Got a job. Made a savings account. Thought long and hard about college (I know. A little late.) Wove dreams … Continue reading

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When I Say…

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