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It ain’t selling if you already bought it

Since this is my normal modus of operandi, I am going to leap blithely back into blogging, pretending I have never been absent. ……. Maybe you’re the one that was MIA. Ever considered that? (Little mind trick, there. My four … Continue reading

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“Would You Like Fries With That?”

I applied for college today. Half-way through, I bogged down somewhere between transferring credits and deciding whether I was a U.S. citizen. Don’t laugh. Applications are specifically designed to fry just enough brain cells so that when you get to … Continue reading

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“Life Goals” – By a Two Year Old Genius

Today I was completely schooled. By a two year old. Meet Em, my young life consultant, who nullified my set-in-stone life’s plan with five simple words. Here’s the story… Jerm and I sat lounging in the living room, he draped … Continue reading

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Votes for America

 I wish I could honestly say how excited I am to vote today. The thrill of knowing that I can share a part of history is intoxicating. The thought of exercising a God-given right and freedom is exhilarating. But… I need say … Continue reading

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How Losers Can Succeed

Have you ever felt as though you could never measure up? I mean, never, ever, in a million years reach your self-made goals, measure up to the expectations of others, or even claim a tiny bit of what the world … Continue reading

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