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I’m a Baptist, and I Believe that Gays were “Born that Way”

I am a Christian. And I think gay individuals were “born that way”. On second thought, let me qualify that statement. I have been raised a Baptist, indoctrinated that homosexuality is a horrendous sin, and further informed that being gay … Continue reading

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Christians are Hypocrites – I Have Proof

4:25. The bold black numbers shifted slowly, rhythmically, ever upwards. 4:37…4:44…4:53. I watched the numbers metamorphosis, mesmerized by their clock-like precision. 5:25. Sighing, I glanced to my left at the large, modern clock, then back at the caller ID screen, … Continue reading

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Once I was Told

Once I was told that Words are a gift And to use them with care Treasuring their potency Once I was told that Words have a life Of their own once  Conceived. “Release at your own risk.” Once I was … Continue reading

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Forgiven Forever

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Why I Won’t Be Turning Over a New Leaf (Gasp.)

Typically, I like to think of January 1st as a brand new era, a crystalline future with no failures clouding the sky. A fresh day with “no mistakes in it”. (At least not yet, as the Miss Staceys always have … Continue reading

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Mystery of Christmas

A tender touch, a warm embrace The look of love upon her face A tiny Baby, God incarnate On her lap does rest upon it A mystery, complex, rich, warm That God, the unchanging, would change His form. All the … Continue reading

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God? Why the Children?

God? I don’t understand. You created us after Your own image, you knew me in my mother’s womb, and you love with an everlasting love – but horrible things happen. Things that you could stop…but you don’t. I am not … Continue reading

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What is Happiness?

I was thinking the other day – how much does my happiness rely on mere things? As a Christian, my gut reaction is, “Of course I don’t rely on things to make me happy! I need Christ, and Christ alone.” … Continue reading

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When I Say…

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Sunny Worldview

“I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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