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Gigi’s Story

“It’s my daddy’s birthday soon.” She pauses, giggling, and stares into the distance. Nappy hair springs enthusiastically into intricate tendrils around her face, and a chubby hand pushes rounded glasses further onto a snub nose. She looks at me, eager. … Continue reading

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To My Teen Brother: I’m Sorry. Your Christmas Gift Involves My Little Pony

For a big family, Christmas presents are an interesting proposition. Should every family member give every other family member a gift? For us, a family of ten, the answer has been a resounding, “I’d be broke if I gave all … Continue reading

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So Big – A Tale of Gyms and Disillusionment

“Soooo big!” I turned and stared scathingly. “What did you just say?” The jerk grinned, repeating blithely, “You’re sooo big!” I stared daggers at my oblivious brother. “Is that a joke?” Quirking a sardonic eyebrow, he pointed at my little sister, who … Continue reading

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Diet Coke, My Mom, and Adventure: A Poem for Mother’s Day

For providing a safety net While I spread my wings For picking me up When they, untested, failed. For worrying about me When I didn’t worry enough, Yet exuding quiet confidence In my ability to succeed. For giving the gift … Continue reading

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Why My 10 Year Old Sister Doesn’t Believe in the Tooth Fairy

We have never been a completely skeptical family. In fact, half of us err on the side of laughable gullibility. Of course, the other half exists of die-hard skeptics, which makes for an interesting family dynamic. Even something as simple as … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas is my day for being slightly melancholy. I think the thought sets in that it’s over, over for another year, a year that will be full of change, perhaps good, perhaps bad, but change all the … Continue reading

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Imperfect Parents Parenting a Perfect Son

Parenting is tough work, as well as perfectly bewildering. I became a parent this past week. Of six kids. Simultaneously. Like with most new attempts in life, one thinks that parenting should be fairly easy. Then one tries it. The … Continue reading

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Dying for Deals

Scary true, isn’t it? Because I love Thanksgiving, and everything it stands for: the act of setting a day aside to reflect, give thanks – and eat. Family members flopped on any available surface, laughing, mumbling “I am so full” … Continue reading

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21 and Sober

I was officially an adult three years ago. Somehow, that knowledge only reared its head yesterday. Three years ago, I turned eighteen. Got a job. Made a savings account. Thought long and hard about college (I know. A little late.) Wove dreams … Continue reading

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