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Herbert Loves Me, and Other Weird Things Librarians Hear

Librarians are not known for their lovability. Lost in reminiscing, my grandpa once reflected, “I was scared of the library ladies.” When pressed for details, he paused, and his left eyelid twitched. Finally, he muttered, “They shushed people.” Indeed. Generally, … Continue reading

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6,000 Views & Writing; Or the Great Rikki-Tavi Rip-Off

Today, I broke the 6,000 mark for views. (6,004 to be exact). That was kind of a big deal for me. Now, I know that many other blogs have many more readers and many more views and many more comments… … Continue reading

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Summer – Our Shared Past

Summertime. You’ve taken your own sweet time this year, haven’t you? Please, I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, just stating the facts. Besides, I only mentioned it because of our past together… I’ve missed you. In all honesty, … Continue reading

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If You Give a Girl the Flu…

If you give a girl the flu… She may become sick. (Or not, if she is freakishly healthful). But probably so. And if she becomes sick, she will most likely experience new sensations such as her insides requesting a transferral … Continue reading

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Sweet Serenity

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Au Revoir (Which, Being French, Sounds So Much More Poignant than “Good-Bye”)

I must needs leave the blogging community – but I am addicted, so it shan’t be for long. To be perfectly honest, I want to make sure my priorities are straight as I start this new year, which I know … Continue reading

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Who’s the Idiot Who Called It the “Common Cold”?

I am generally a stoic person, rarely crying at sad movies and laughing hysterically when I hit my funny bone, as I run in panicky, pained circles. Blood does not horrify me, I have a high pain tolerance, and I … Continue reading

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Inspired by Peanut Butter, Babysitting, and Mary Poppins

I was thinking about that quote – in solitude, of course – and discovered that I mostly disagree. In retrospect, some of my grandest inspiration has been awakened through a simple act: the act of living. The act of going … Continue reading

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A Bookish Christmas Tree

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An Ode to Rainy Days

I love rainy, misty days. Perhaps it’s the melancholy side of me, but I love the half-sad, reflective mood of drizzly days, which is a bit of a conundrum – days like these make me happy to be sad. I … Continue reading

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