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Chuck Norris Won’t Let Me Write

I’m preparing to write a masterful blog post. It’s a daunting endeavor. First of all, I must think of a gripping subject matter. This task is often the hardest. Thoughts are fleeting. Focus is fickle. Therefore, food is required to … Continue reading

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Gigi’s Story

“It’s my daddy’s birthday soon.” She pauses, giggling, and stares into the distance. Nappy hair springs enthusiastically into intricate tendrils around her face, and a chubby hand pushes rounded glasses further onto a snub nose. She looks at me, eager. … Continue reading

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Dramatic Decisions – Move to Europe? Or Cut My Hair?

There comes a point in every woman’s life when she simply needs a change. Revamped geographical scenery is not enough, nor is a complete upheaval of her familiar quirks and habits. Even switching up her favorite restaurant never quite cuts it. Frankly, … Continue reading

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6,000 Views & Writing; Or the Great Rikki-Tavi Rip-Off

Today, I broke the 6,000 mark for views. (6,004 to be exact). That was kind of a big deal for me. Now, I know that many other blogs have many more readers and many more views and many more comments… … Continue reading

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“The Deep, Dark Secret of Male Blood Donors” – from a Woman’s Perspective

I was bleeding, and nobody tried to stop it. Crimson life trickled slowly through my veins. I squeezed my hand cautiously, and the ebb increased, flowing like a red river over my arm, only to decrease when I eased the … Continue reading

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Once I was Told

Once I was told that Words are a gift And to use them with care Treasuring their potency Once I was told that Words have a life Of their own once  Conceived. “Release at your own risk.” Once I was … Continue reading

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The Return of the Allison or Withdrawal Signs of Blogging

Rumor has it that the Allison is back, and while I would hate to encourage rumors, I might go out on a limb and express her sentiments that life with blogging in it is much fuller. And that, she said, … Continue reading

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Au Revoir (Which, Being French, Sounds So Much More Poignant than “Good-Bye”)

I must needs leave the blogging community – but I am addicted, so it shan’t be for long. To be perfectly honest, I want to make sure my priorities are straight as I start this new year, which I know … Continue reading

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Missing Person’s Report – I Can’t Even Remember Their Name!

She was missing. I knew, I knew, she had been here the night before. A quiet one, she had not engaged me in conversation, content to browse silently, but I missed her nonetheless. I can’t even remember her name. Isn’t that tragic? … Continue reading

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